SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy - Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake. Integrated backrest, headrest, cup holder and ottoman. Mesh seat keeps you cool. Fabric-covered inflation for comfort and added durability.

Patented inner spring adds stability in the water. At SwimWays we take fun to the next level! Our products are designed for water lovers, by water lovers.

We offer products for your entire family even the dog! We want the pool to be where your family and friends can splash, relax and be together. SwimWays provides the water-loving family with pool toys, pool floats, swimming pool games, swim training gear, pool decorations and so much more. SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Canopy.

SwimWays Spring Float pool floats are the only fabric-covered pool float with a patented inner spring that provides greater stability and comfort in the water. Relax into the cooling mesh and let the hurry of everyday life drift away. Available in dozens of styles and colors for adults, kids, babies, and even the family dog!

Spring Floats are great pool floats for travel - they fold flat into three compact rings for ultra-portability. A complete canopy for cooler comfort!

This float includes a fully removable twist-and-fold canopy to keep you cooled off and offer you extra protection from UV ray exposure. Integrated backrest, headrest, ottoman, and cup holder. The backrest allows you stay upright and enjoy conversation with your fellow swimmers or simply relax while keeping your shoulders and head completely dry. The soft mesh fabric suspends your body in the water. Patented Inner Spring Technology creates greater stability.

Twist and fold back into its original packaging shape. The SwimWays Spring float Recliner with canopy pool Float combines all the comfort of the spring float Recliner Plus added shade! Features of our luxury floating Lounger. Product Dimensions: 56 x 38 x 15.5 inches.

Item Weight: 2.8 pounds. Best Sellers Rank: #3,987 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #10 in Sports Fan Toys & Game Room #99 in Pool Rafts & Inflatable Ride-ons. Release date: April 19, 2019. Mfg Recommended age: 6 - 99 years. Floaty is strong and durable.

I was very surprised how fast I received order. So I ordered another one. I do wish they had different colors to choose from that has canopy.

Floaty is very well made. I was a little concerned with the canopy due to reviews, no issues with the one I received. Hope i receive next one just as fast. This would have gotten 5 stars but the canopy is problematic and doesn't stay up easily.

These floats are amazingly comfortable and durable. They are easy to inflate and great for travel.

I could lay in them all day. This is my second one.

I love this float - the sun is deflected while enjoying the relaxing float. The only issue is getting the sun guard on correctly so it doesn't fall forward. Great for floating around the pool. Not great for holding your beverage but otherwise awesome. Need string to keep canopy up.

Bought this floater at Costco 4 years ago minus the canopy. Costco no longer carries it so I looked online.

Canopy is worth the extra few dollars. We have to use a string to attach the Canopy and the handle so it stays up. Canopy isn't an issue. I had no issues with the canopy staying up on its own. With a little wind, you may need to adjust your position, but other than that, it's everything you need for summer!

The float itself is nice. The design is poor and it does not stay up properly. Float arrived with a leak. Couldn't return it because we had already thrown away all packaging. If the shade gets even a tiny bit wet it flops down because it's so flimsy. On top of that, after one use, one of the loops that the shade attaches to broke. Float part is fine, but I bought this for the canopy. Of the few floats I could find that had a canopy this one had the best reviews. Alas, it was not so - somewhat flimsy and doesnt stay up very well. Im very disappointed I have several of these floats which have survived 5 Florida summers and was so excited about the hood.

But the hood does not stay in position to shade properly. Otherwise this would be perfection. The backrest and leg opening make lounging very comfortable otherwise. I love that the main seating is mesh!!

So you're not floating on top of the water but you are actually seating in the cool, refreshing water during the hot summer months. The back and headrest are not generic plastic either - it's a far more comfortable, cloth-like material that you don't stick to.

I love everything about this float. It's also VERY durable and can hold a lot of weight. Quickly found out the canopies do not float.

I love everything about this chair! It inflates quickly, it's comfortable, and the canopy is fantastic. Comfortable, easy to use and great material. This float is super comfortable however the canopy is crap. It either leans to far in front of you where you cant see or too far behind you where your head is exposed.

Go with the cheaper version without the canopy and save a few bucks. Float with Sun Canopy a Breeze! I bought two of these floats with the sun canopy.

I did find that the canopy falls either forward or backwards but I tried taking it off and turning it around as another reviewer suggested and it worked much better. I highly recommend these floats as they allowed us to swim and keep our torsos out of the sun. That goes for a 40 lb kid and a 300 lb adult!

I want to really like this canopy float but it isnt durable. Ive used it 3 times and already the canopy is ripping at the seams. The fabric has ripped a bit along the area where the metal structure that holds the canopy up. The canopy also does not stay up. The placement of the attachment of canopy to float are too far back so canopy just falls backwards. I had to attach clips and tie to the side handles to make it stay up and actually provide shade. Overall, the float is fine, the canopy is worthless.

Would give 6 stars if I could. I did not have any issues with the canopy (as some reviews had mentioned); I'm not sure if that's because mine is new, or if fixed the issue. The amount of reclining is absolutely perfect- four of my family members tried it and it was comfortable for each one. The mesh bottom and backing is soft yet seems to be durable- we did not have any issues with the workmanship.

I also really liked that the leg area is mesh-free because it allows you to cool your legs in the water or prop them up on the float. The cupholder is also a great perk. I loved the idea of having a float with a canopy, this float has a canopy, but it does NOT stay up. It has one loop on one side, two on the other side to attach the canopy, one loop must be missing?

With the float came a Customer Service Commitment from SwimWays with a request to contact them before attempting to return product. I emailed SwimWays, no response. I called SwimWays and was told that they take no responsibility for their product, I would have to contact Amazon. This is an expensive product, considering it has a design flaw and cannot be used as intended.

Very happy with this floating chair! The chair is very comfortable, sturdy and I love the canopy. The only problem is that it's hard to keep the canopy up high enough to cover your face and chest, especially while reading a book. I came up with a simple solution tho!

On each side where the hooks are I attached a plastic paperclip into the meshing and around the side'handle'. It works perfectly, canopy stayed up all day.

I would never recommend a product that I would have to'MacGyver with, but its a simple solution to a good product. The only floatie I have found with shade. The shade can fall down easily but tighten the straps and its a marvel in hot hot sun.

Our pool has no shade. Took this on vacation in Aruba.

It ripped the first day! Size not fit for an adult. The product works as needed however the canopy flops forward and size would fit a child better then an adult Im 56 and sitting is uncomfortable.

The canopy just flops around. If you want it to stay over your head you have to hold it there or else it is in the water behind you or in your face. I gave this to my husband as a gift.

The canopy wouldn't stay in the correct position. The very 1st time he got in the water with it and put his feet on it the mesh middle ripped. To the trash it went! Easy to use & very comfortable.

Bought as gift for someone whod had the product previously. Though there is some problem with the shade if the wind is blowing, overall it is a great product.

Lasted five years with pool use. Remove from water and store in shade when not using. Canopy eventually fell apart but float still going strong! Great for kids have several for the grandchildren.

& the shade is so wonderful. I prefer to float instead of swim, but I also get very hot in the sun.

This kept me cool, & has a drink holder!! I took a large Styrofoam cup with a lid & it worked perfectly.

The shade is seriously amazing, & being able to easily dip your feet in the water is a big plus. For anyone short wondering how the overall size/length is like, I'm 5'2' & I love it! I can dip my feet or my calves, or set my legs on the sides if I want to keep them out of the water. The seat is very comfy as well. I would recommend having a machine / pump it up to keep it floating at its best buoyancy. Best Float on the Market. I have bought several of these floats.

I love the detachable canopy, as it adds some sun protection and even keeps the flies from attacking from the rear. I love that I can have my feet up or in the water. The drink holder is adequate. It is very supportive for my plus-size self.

Holds up well to frequent use. Thanks for going on in the pool. We went to Palm Springs and the shade was perfect! We enjoyed the float very much either would be good for Shea does not work very well.

I like that ir doesnt take much air to inflate. Perfect for a day on the water. The shade band sometimes messes up the raft portion is amazing. Very nice while they last. Wife loved it, but keep large people out because these are not durable.

At the price they should have thicker fabric and stronger seams. Canopy is the best for pool lounging! Ordered two as gift for friend in Las Vegas, it was a game changer!

It was SOOO hot but the canopy made hours in the pool in the hot Vegas sun manageable. I DON'T THINK SO! Put in an air pump valve. Valve was easy to blow into but when I tried to push it in as they say'to stop the air from escaping thru our unique valve', no luck; and the air comes out FAST!

Once full of air, I managed to put in the stopper and push it in but won't be surprised if the air comes out and dunks me in pool! Would like canopy to be able to lean back over my head/face but it sits squarely over the seat. Gonna try it today; wish me luck! Lasted not quite 2 summers.

Only complaint is it lasted 1.5 summer pool seasons before the bottom ripped open. These stayed inflated all summer in the lake in Maine! Could have used directions on how to refold. Makes pool time a joy. I just love it for floating around and getting a tan on my legs. Canopy is a great plus!! Diary of a Serial Cyber Dater: How to Navigate, Learn the Cyber Dating Rules & Recognize Your True Soul Mate. Love the float but the top gave way early on Needed to use clothes pins to keep it up. Very comfortable, but the canopy doesn't always stay where it should. This is my favorite pool/lake floatie. Bought a second one and the addition of the canopy is great! Bought it for my mom to use in her pool as she likes these types of floats but sometimes wants some shade. The product came quickly and is made of good material and looks just like the picture. A hit in the pool.

This is my absolute favorite floaty in the pool. My only issue was that it was everyone else's favorite too.

So I had to fight my friends to get them out of my floating lounge. I love the combination of being elevated and being in the water. So you are not too hot or not too cold. I love this in the pool!! Keeps the sun out of my eyes!!

But I have to hold the canopy up, it will not stay by itself. Did not receive the sun shade when i ordered. I had this float for almost 3 years in Florida. I left it inflated the entire time and never had to add air.

After letting it drip dry a while I always bring it inside. You can put your feet in the water or rest them on the extension. You will be sitting in the water but elevated enough to comfortably hold a book. Sometimes if I want to be more in the water I get into the space between the footrest and use a pool skateboard on top of the seat area as a floating book table in the pool. It has been my favorite float.

It even has a cup holder that actually works. I've only used the shade if the sun is almost directly overhead as my pool is otherwise shaded by trees. If you need the shade you have to position yourself so that it does block the sun, so you can't just drift around freely. I have also held the shade over me while using other floats (noodles) and then you can position it as needed.

I don't like bright sun in my eyes! I recently used this float in the evening until a late thunderstorm chased me inside.

I went to bed before the rain ended so did not bring the float in. The storm blew it over onto the ground. After the storm ended sometime during the night some nasty racoon with diarrhea used it as his toilet.

Racoons almost always have worms that are very dangerous to people so I had to throw it away. Otherwise after 3 years of use it was still in perfect condition. I have not even opened the box on the replacement.

I just shocked the pool with lots of chlorine last night though so I can't use it yet. Shade doesn't stay upright too well, but overall happy.

It is a really good pool float, but the shade piece does come off to easy, need to reinvent a new shade attachment. Missing Parts but good float!

Canopy was missing and its not an option to receive it separately so just be sure all parts are included before use! Fast and easy to use, fold up quick and easy and dried fast too.

Material is really sturdy too so Im not afraid to pop. Also there are only two sections you have to blow up which are small. Comfortable and has lasted already for 2 seasons.

This product has held up now into it second season. Great for lounging in the pool. Overhead canopy does not always stay up. Even without the canopy it is a great comfortable float. Very comfortable for floating in the pool. Float is amazing, the shade worked great for my daughter who had stiches in her head and needed to stay out of the sun... I would recommend to anyone who wants a high quality raft, non sweating and super durable. I like it, but the canopy is constantly falling over. I didn't realize the top portion was net, but.. I didn't realize the top portion was net, but that was my fault. The reason I gave it three stars is the sun shade does not stay up unless you hold it. Solid value with equally solid performance. Great idea so so execution. Great concept so so executionwe had to play with the top to get it to stay up, seems that there is a front and back to the canopyoverall we like it and also have a couple of these with out the canopy and love them. It is made of very thic fabric and is very comfortable.

The shade does tend to fall back a bit but I had no problem holding it in place. It was also really easy to fold down. I love the way the mesh part of the chair. So comfortable and I love that it has a removable shade when you want it!

Hope I dont have issues like some have stated. The only complaint I have is that the shade piece does not stay in place. Other than that it is awesome. Shade cover is very flimsy.

Doesn't stay up very well. When I got mine and went to use it there was a hole in it. Sent it back got another one blew it up and there was another hole in it.

I tried to get in touch with the people but never could get a response back. Fits a plus size woman very well.

Even my pup likes it! The canopy could use another little anchor button to keep it from falling forward or backward, but we'll rig one with some velcro & it should be fine. Used it once and it started leaking from.. Used it once and it started leaking from a seam. A good product, but we used in Aruba and it..

A good product, but we used in Aruba and it was too windy for the canopy, so removed the canopy and used as a float. Arrived promptly and was exactly as described. Canopy doesnt stay in place, otherwise good quality float.

Bought 2 and all my guests want to use these floats!! First time I've bought the lounger with the sun shade and I love it. The shade blocks out the hot Arizona sun while floating in our pool.

It's a little tricky at first to keep the shade from falling into the water but with a little finessing it works fine. We took it to the beach this past.. We took it to the beach this past weekend and I loved floating around in it. I haven't used the canopy on it yet but the float works great. Great pool chair, top is flimsy.

Especially if you dont want to get your hair wet, you want to protect your face from the sun but you still want to tan in the pool. The top is flimsy, I had to hold it to get it to stay where I wanted. The floats plug will not stay in therefore it does not hold air.

Considering the price paid for the float, the quality is lacking. Missing tab to hold canopy.

Yes, the canopy CAN work... I wanted the canopy version but was discouraged by the negative comments... That is, until I read Roger Kleins review that addresses the looseness of the attachment of the canopy to the float. Ive come up with a slightly different solution which allows for removal.

I bought four barrel cord locks (like you see on foldable chair bag cords and hat chin straps) at a craft store for two bucks. Then I slipped the tip of the float loop into a barrel lock, inserted the black cylinder button of the canopy into the larger section of the loop and cinched it tight. This solution is adequate for pool/mostly calm water, but since Im using this float on a lake which can get breezy, I created even more support with a little parachute cord, two more barrel cord locks and two small binder clips. Im inserted two more photos which will explain how this works better than I can with words. For me, this is a win/win situation. For less than five dollars, I have a canopy that stays put without my having to hold onto it, and it really provides shade for 1/2 to 2/3 of my body, depending on the direction and time of day. Two other quick things:Many of the questions about these floats have to do with size, yet you cant tell if the responders are referring to the regular or XL size.

To me, body length is more critical than weight in selecting which to order. Im 54 and the classic fits me well. I think it could still be comfortable for someone up to three inches taller.

But if you are over 5 7, Id recommend the XL so that your head can actually be on the headrest without your butt bumping against the footrest. Also, about the width of the cup holder.

Its narrower than in other floats Ive owned. A water/soda bottle or a canned drink will fit, but most insulated stainless steel bottles are too wide. I did find that a 20 oz TAL bottle with a 2 1/2 base fits perfectly. It floats (i'm at 215, 6'2) but the canopy doesn't stay up. Canopy Does not stay up.

The canopy does not stay up. Its use to keep the Sun out from my wife's face but the Sun shade does not stay up, you have to hold it. Love this float but the top will not stay in.. Love this float but the top will not stay in place and the fabric tore loose from the frame after only a couple of weeks use.

The solar shade is wonderful too! That means you will forfeit 10% of your grand total. Customer service is our top priority. Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure that this is the item you want before making a purchasing decision.

We make every effort possible to accurately describe and depict the items. Thank you for shopping with us.

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SwimWays Spring Float Recliner With Canopy Swim Lounger For Pool Or Lake

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